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Gibson bass guitar list

Bass guitars manufactured by the Gibson Guitar Corporation

Gibson Violin bass

Gibson have been producing bass guitars since 1953, starting with the violin-shaped EB bass. this was very much in the ethos of Gibson at the time. Their view was that guitars should be large jazz boxes, and the bass should be upright and acoustic; solid body instruments were for Fender, not Gibson. The fact that they made a solid-body bass at all in this climate is surprising, but Fender solid body sales were sufficiently high to make Gibson take notice. So the Gibson bass was shaped, and finished like an upright, and with an extendable pole at the bass so it could even be played upright.

Vintage Gibson bass guitars

Unlike Fender, who produced just a few bass models, but continuously over 50 years (Fender Precision, Fender Jazz bass), Gibson was continually creating new bass models, most with relatively short lifespans. As a result, there is significant variation across the range of basses Gibson created, in looks, build, electronics, and ultimately sound. There are long scale and short scale basses. Models with set-necks, bolt-on necks, and through-body necks. There are mahogany, maple and alder bodies. There are humbuckers and single coil pickups. So it is hard to generalise, although some might argue that the darker sound of humbucking pickups in a mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard is the signature sound of a Gibson bass.

Three Gibson bass guitars from the Norlin period: Gibson Ripper, Gibson G-3, Gibson Grabber

Three Gibson bass guitars from the Norlin period: 1978 Gibson Ripper, 1978 Gibson G-3, 1977 Gibson Grabber. Despite looking broadly similar, the construction and components of these three Gibson basses are quite different, and each has it's own distinctive tones. These maple/alder basses sold well in the mid to late seventies.

Classic guitars such as the 1960s Gibson Thunderbird, Gibson EB3 and Les Paul bass have been re-issued continuously; newer updated versions, the Thunderbird IV, the SG reissue bass and the Les Paul Standard bass have proved very popular making up the vast majority of Gibson's bass output.

Gibson EB0 Gibson EB0 Gibson EB1 Gibson EB1 Gibson EB2 Gibson EB2
Gibson EB3 Gibson EB3 Gibson EB4L Gibson EB4L Gibson Les Paul Bass Gibson Les Paul Bass
  1969 owners manual
Gibson Thunderbird Gibson Thunderbird Gibson Grabber Gibson Grabber Gibson Ripper Gibson Ripper
Gibson RD bass Gibson RD bass Gibson Victory bass Gibson Victory bass
  1981 pre-owners manual
  1981 owners manual

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Gibson bass guitars for sale

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Daniel Willis Comment left 4th January 2012 15:03:45
Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 1972 Gibson Bass. As this will be for someone else, i have limted knowledge of what models are availble and what i should consider when looking to purchase. Could you please give me some advice on my options. The only requirements are that it has to be a Gibson, from 1972 and in good cond and working order.
vintage guitar and bass Comment left 4th January 2012 16:04:16
1972 is a bit of a turning point year. Gibson was in between the deep-sounding all mahogany 60s and the brighter all maple late 70s. So, for 1972 you are looking at a then newly designed EB bass series (EB0, EB3 or EB4L), an SB 350 or 450 or a Les Paul Triumph. Probably the best of that bunch is the Les Paul Triumph, even though it is short scale. If long scale is important, the best is the long-scale EB3 (the EB3L).
David Shelton Comment left 11th January 2015 11:11:17
Hoping to find out all I can on a Gibson Electric Bass #771385. All info would be greatly appreciated.

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