1967 Hagstrom Concord bass

hollow bodied double cutaway electric bass

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Hagstrom Concord main page | Hagstrom Concord shipping data | 1967 Hagstrom Concord | Concord sound clips

1967 Hagstrom Concord bass1967 Hagstrom Concord bass
Model: 1967 Hagstrom C-1 Concord
Body: Birch front, back and sides
Neck: Two piece birch with rosewood fretboard. Dot markers, raised plastic Hagstrom logo
Pickups: Two single-coil
Hardware: Chrome plated throughout. Deluxe Crest tailpiece with micromatic bridge. Individual closed-gear Van Ghent tuning keys
Width at nut: 1 1/2"
Width at 12th fret: 1 15/16"
Weight: 2.99 kg
Scale: 30 1/2"

The Hagstrom Concord bass, also known as the Viking bass in the UK (alluding to it's Swedish origin), was available from 1965-1971. It was a companion instrument to the Viking electric acoustic guitar. According to shipping figures, the standard, C1 Concord bass was produced in just 3 batches; making this one of 2749 instruments. There was a further batch (150 instruments) of the C2 Concord De Luxe. See the Hagstrom Concord shipping figures.

The double-cutaway Concord bass was naturally inspired by such instruments as the Gibson EB2 and Epiphone Rivoli; and although it shared the same body style and short (30 1/2" scale) there were several major differences between these models and the Concord: the lack of set neck on the latter, the single coil rather than humbucking pickups and the central maple block on the former. The completely hollow body does make this bass a little more prone to feedback than those with the internal maple block, but also reduces the weight significantly. At a shade less than 3 kg, this example is actually very light indeed; lighter than many guitars in fact.

This bass, in Cherry Red finish, has a birch front, back, sides and neck. It is from the third and final batch of Hagstrom Concord (C1) basses and most likely dates from 1967, or very early 1968. The 1968 Hagstrom catalogue gives it a list price of $285

Neck pickup only, played fingerstyle - flatwound strings

Bridge pickup only, played with a pick. Same flats

It is a great sounding bass, the completely hollow-body giving a nice woody tone. It does feedback a little; but actually enough to be useful when needed. - the two clips below are the guitar through two of my favourite vintage tube amplifiers: first an old portaflex Ampeg B15; secondly an early 70s silverface Fender Bassman with 4x12 cabinet. There are numerous other clips of this guitar here.

All clips are recorded with the amp mic'd with a Shure SM57 microphone.

Hagstrom Concord bass - pickup detail
Hagstrom Concord bass - 'super-sensitive' single coil pickups.
Hagstrom Concord bass - pickup detail
Each pickup is height adjustable via two screws (above and below) on the black plastic mounting ring.
Hagstrom Concord bass - pickguard detail
Concord bass pickguard detail - with Hagstrom logo.
Hagstrom Concord bass deluxe Crest tailpiece
Hagstrom Concord bass deluxe Crest tailpiece and micromatic adjustable bridge. See below for a closer look at this crest.
Hagstrom Concord control knob detail
Hagstrom Concord control knob detail. Numbered 1-10 with silver inserts.
Hagstrom Concord headstock, with Hagstrom logo
Hagstrom Concord headstock, with raised plastic Hagstrom logo. Tuning keys are individual closed gear Van Ghents.
Hagstrom Concord body reverse
Hagstrom Concord rear body detail. This bass was bound front and back.
Hagstrom Concord neck plate with serial number
Neck plate detail. The first three digits, 716 in this case, are the batch number, the final three the position within the batch.
Hagstrom Concord - scratchplate logo detail
Scratchplate logo detail. This logo is embedded within the guard itself.

From the 1968 Hagstrom catalogue

"True" sound... with exceptionally wide tonal range created by special sound posts beneath the bridge. The sound is reproduced acoustically in the body, then electrically projected by the super-sensitive Hagstrom pickups. Lightweight, graceful, slim, double cutaway design. 16 inch arched body. Handsomely polished finishes. Heavy celluloid bound edges. Hagstrom's deluxe Crest tailpiece. Fast action neck with patented "H" expander rod. Celluloid bound rosewood fingerboard with pearl inlaid dots and visual side markers. 2 ultra-sensitive adjustable pickups each with separate volume and tone controls. 3-way toggle switch, for treble or bass pick-up, or both. Micromatic adjustable bridge. Individually enclosed tuning units.

Hagstrom Concord deluxe Crest tailpiece detail
Hagstrom Concord deluxe Crest tailpiece detail. The heraldic-style crest shows two lions and reads 'MADE IN SWEDEN'
Hagstrom Concord - pickup and pickup routes
Pickup in situ, underside of removed pickup, and pickup route.


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James Comment left 19th January 2017 15:03:50 reply
I am looking for a Concord Deluxe pickguard (gold lettering). Any help finding one would be appreciated.
hagbro Comment left 29th May 2016 08:08:40 reply
My bass has a damaged tailpiece - do you sell Hagstrom parts - where can I get a replacement (old or new). Thx
Johnny Comment left 11th February 2016 16:04:57 reply
Is the red '67 Concord C1 for sale? I'm in the market for one.