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Hofner Ambassador

Hollow body electric guitar

The Hofner Ambassador was a short lived model, first produced by Hofner in Germany in 1965/66, for distribution by Selmer in Great Britain and beyond. It was demonstrated at the 1965 BMI trade show in London, alongside the newly re-designed Hofner Verithin 66, to which it was rather similar, but with a standard thin (1 7/8"), rather than very thin (1 1/4") body, (and was actually an inch narrower too). Like the Verithin 66, it had a double Florentine cutaway body style, but was available in Sunburst finish (rather than the Verithin's Cherry). There were other subtle differences too, in the controls and position inlays, but hardware and pickups were identical. It was priced at 60 gns. at launch, actually 5gns. less than the Verithin.

Hofner Ambassador - Hofner Have Done The Impossible
Hofner Ambassador - Hofner Have Done The Impossible
They've improved their range of electro-acoustic guitars
Mid sixties ad for four Hofner electro-acoustic guitars: the Verithin 66, new Ambassador, President and Senator

In the same way the Verithin was an imitation of Gibson's ES series thinlines, the Ambassador was clearly influenced by two Gibson full-bodied electric acoustics, the Trini Lopez Deluxe and Barney Kessel, both of which had the same overall look, if quite different in other ways.

Hofner Ambassador from the 1965/66 Selmer catalogue

It was described in the 1966 Selmer catalogue as follows:

Exclusive to Selmer London, the unique Florentine design makes for playing ease and attractive stage appearance. The Ambassador is the outcome of Hofner’s many successful years of guitar making. Only experience and craftsmanship can produce such quality at an economical price. All the well-proven and exclusive Hofner features—powerful "NOVA-SONIC" pick-ups, "Slenda-nek" cambered rosewood fingerboard, adjustable truss-rod, micro-matic bridge for fine tuning. Rich golden sunburst finish. All this adds up to one of the most exciting models ever to leave the Hofner workshops. Body Dimensions 20 1/4" x 15 1/4" x 1 7/8"

The majority of production seems to have been in the period 1966-68, although the model was included in Selmer catalogues as late as 1971, actually appearing on the front cover.

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