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Two Fender Telecasters: left- Sunburst 1960 Fender Telecaster Custom, right- Lake Placid Blue Telecaster, early 1970s

Two Fender Telecasters: left- Sunburst 1960 Fender Telecaster Custom, right- Lake Placid Blue Telecaster, early 1970s

The following description is taken from the 1969 Fender lovin' care catalogue

This is the guitar that started it all! For two decades the telecaster has produced record breaking sounds in every field of music. You name it…rhythm, blues, rock or country…the Telecaster is a legend.

Two adjustable pickups in conjunction with a three position switch and tone control (use Fender 150 light Gauge strings if you like) produce a lead tone that can't be equalled. A change of the switch to the rhythm pickup gives mellow jazz sounds too!

Other Telecaster features include a fast action truss rod reinforced neck (available with a maple fingerboard) adjustable bridges for both length and height. A specially designed Fender/Bigsby Tremolo giving smooth action is now available as an option.

Custom models feature a beautiful, highly polished Sunburst finish and the top and bottom edges of the solid-body are trimmed with white contrasting binding. Standard models are finished in natural blonde. All models are trimmed with white pickguard. Metal parts are heavily chrome plated and will retain their like new appearance over a long period of time. Telecasters are available in selected custom finishes, left-hand models.

Standard neck with: 15/8" at nut; available 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" by special order

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roger Comment left 4th August 2015 19:07:07 reply
Hi!!! I have a 1969 fender telecaster made in U S A all original hardware on it I've been many opinion on what it would be worth but never really had a real price on it can you tell me ?
Eloi Hache Comment left 16th March 2015 19:07:39 reply
I have a 1968 Fender Telecaster, sunbust with ashbrown neck. Original as it was bought. Can anybody tell me what would be its value if I decide to sell it.
arni biluk Comment left 9th February 2015 11:11:00 reply
I am the original owner of a 100% original 1968 CANDY APPLE RED FENDER TELECASTER - 44 years ago I put some varathane on the neck because the neck was starting to get wear from bending strings - it looked like Eric Clapton's Slowhand guitar - most of it has worn off from playing but close to the frets there are still signs of the varathane - there are no issues with the neck - it has been perfect except for the wear - how much does this affect the value - should i get a master luthier to try remove the varathane or leave it as is - if I sell it the buyer would not even notice the varathane but I can't sell for big $ without disclosing - any help would be appreciated - thx arni - gimli manitoba canada
Eloi Hache Comment left 24th October 2014 22:10:01 reply
I have a 1968 telecaster guitar with case, sunbust with ashbrown neck. Original. Can you tell me what is the value of that guitar if I decide to sell it.
Tony Temple Comment left 15th July 2013 14:02:01 reply
Interesting reading. Thank you.