1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog

Fender guitars, basses and amplifiers

1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog cover
1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 2
1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 3
1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 4
1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 5
1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 6
1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 7
1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 8

'The Choice of Professional and Student Musicians Everywhere'

The 1963 1964 Fender catalogue was just eight pages long, but included much of Fenders guitar, bass and amplifier range of mid 1963. Well known models such as the Fender Telecaster, Esquire, Stratocaster and Jazzmaster are joined by newer models such as the Jaguar. Bass models are limited to the Precision, Precision and Bass VI.

As well as two pages of guitars, there are two pages of amplifiers, two of lap and pedal steels, and a final page of cases and accessories.

1963 Down Beat magazine - annual school music issue

This 'brochure' is actually the center pages (p25-32) of the 1963 '11th school music issue' of music magazine Down Beat (September 26th, 1963) - check ebay for back issues. Fender included a similar eight page brochure, the following year - see the 1964 1965 Fender catalog.

Two color, eight pages, dimensions 10 7/8" x 8 1/4".

Click on the images for a closer look at each page, or click on the model names to jump to the relevant catalog page.

Electric Guitars:

Fender Jaguar
Fender Jazzmaster
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Fender Esquire
Fender Musicmaster
Fender Duo-Sonic


Fender Precision
Fender Jazz
Fender Bass VI


Fender Deluxe
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Showman
Fender Dual Showman
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Concert
Fender Bassman
Fender Bandmaster
Fender Tremolux
Fender Pro

Lap and Pedal Steel Guitars:

Fender Pedal 400
Fender Pedal 1000
Deluxe 6
Deluxe 8
Stringmaster steel guitar
Fender Studio Deluxe set steel guitar/amp package
Fender Champ student set steel guitar/amp package


Fender Rhodes electric piano
Fender Rhodes piano bass


Fender electric mandolin

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