1976 Gibson L-6S Custom, 1978 Guild B302F bass, 1967 Fender Coronado guitar
1976 Gibson L-6S Custom1978 Guild B-302F1967 Fender Coronado
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Gibson ES-120 T

Thinline electric acoustic guitar

Gibson ES-120 T

The ES-120T (and it's almost identical Epiphone sibling the Epiphone Granada) is a really interesting guitar. They were entry level instruments, yet absolutely beautifully built. Gibson may well have added fancy inlays and to it's more expensive guitars, but the humble ES-120T still got the fine body and neck woods, superbly assembled and finished in nitrocellulose. It's true, as players, they don't have the same range as the other ES guitars, lacking cutaways, and the PU-380 'Melody Maker' pickups were perhaps less refined than Gibson PAF humbuckers - but these guitars absolutely exude 60s Gibson quality. Try one!

The following description is taken from the 1970 Gibson catalogue

ES-120 T Good looks, fine performance and low price. These are the qualities that have made this electric Spanish guitar a favourite with amateur musicians. Features an exclusive, patented finger rest pickup.

FEATURES: Arched maple top and back, mahogany rims. Slim, fast, low action neck joins body at the 14th fret. Mahogany neck, adjustable truss rod. . Rosewood fingerboard, pearloid dot inlays. Adjustable rosewood bridge, chrome-plated trapeze tailpiece. Powerful pickup mounted off the body in finger rest. Individual tone and volume controls. Cord jack mounted on finger rest. 16 ¼" wide, 20 ¼" long, 1 ¾" thin; 24 ¾" scale, 20 frets.

ES-120T - Sunburst finish

519 - Faultless plush-lined case
304 - Archcraft plush-lined case
104 - Durabilt case
ZC-19 - Zipper cover for 519 case

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US ebay listings

Gibson ES-120T made 1963 Used w/ Hard case

Current price: $2934.00
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Time left: 14d 16h 12m

Current price: $2430.00
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Time left: 18d 2h 7m
Gibson ES-120T 1964y怀FREESHIPPING from JAPAN

Current price: $2867.00
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Time left: 27d 10m

Current price: $74.99
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Time left: 5d 8h 50m
Two 60's Gibson Pickup Melody Maker Epiphone Olympic Granada ES-120 Single Coil

Current price: $219.99
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Time left: 23d 8h 16m
Gibson ES-120T Brown Free shipping Guitar Bass from Japan Right hand #E585

Current price: $2545.00
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Time left: 2d 18h 15m
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UK ebay listings

vintage 1965 ES-120T Guitar

Current price: £1700.00
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Time left: 27d 6h 34m

Current price: £61.49
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Time left: 5d 8h 50m
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There are 2 comments on this article so far. Add your comment
Kris Comment left 12th December 2012 09:09:10
Gibson es120t condion fair.wouldlike to know the value.thanks
Bob Gregory Comment left 24th March 2013 21:09:57
I have 2 vintage guitars I would like to find the value of. ! is a Gibson Gibson ES120T SN86357, it is in good condition, very playable, all the electronics are in working order, just looks a little used, the other is a 1947 Martin 00018, SN 177409. Pretty worn out, The ribs on some of the face are showing, has some dents and scratches, very playable, still sounds great, and records real nice.

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