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1969 Gibson Melody Maker guitarHarmony H22 bassVox Ultrasonic guitar, with built-in effects
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Gibson ES-345TD

Thin line semi-acoustic guitar

Gibson ES 345 description | ES 345 shipping figures | 1959 announcement | 1967 ES-345

Gibson ES-345 Catalogue Appearances
Gibson 1964 Electrics catalogue1963 Electrics

Exciting to play, thrilling to hear! This new gibson can produce any sound you've ever heard from any guitar. Though marvellously versatile, it is uncomplicated... may be used with stereophonic, monaural, or two channel amplifier
Gibson 1966 Full Line catalogue1966 Gibson full line catalogue offers six pre-set tonalities with the Gibson varitone control and exceiting stereophonic tone separation. It can be played through a stereo amplifier, two channel amplifier or two separate amplifiers. Special stero wiring and "Y" cable provide complete separation of tone
1970 Gibson thinline catalogue1970 Gibson thinline catalogue

In 1970 Gibson produced a range of mini-catalogues, each covering a part of Gibson's range.
Gibson 1975 thinline catalogueThe 1975 thinline catalogue with bluesman BB King on the front.
Below the minimalist 1978 electrics catalogue entitled Quality / Prestige / Innovation
Gibson 1978 Quality /Prestige /Innovation catalogue
1980 Gibson catalogueThe 1980 Gibson catalogue This is the last catalogue to feature the ES345.
1963 Gibson ES345

A 1963 Gibson ES-345TD

The ES-345 TD was launched in 1959, and first demonstrated at the summer trade shows - along with the Gibson ES355 stereo varitone. These models came one year after the sucessful launch of the Gibson ES335 and Gibson ES355 models.

These models are all semi-hollow; a maple top and back with a central maple block running the length of the body continuing from where the neck ends. The neck, in typical Gibson style, was initially mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard. The 345 doesn't have some of the ornamentation of the 355, but it still has gold plated hardware, and the stereo varitone

Announcing the Gibson ES-345T, 1959

The stereo capability of the 345 featured heavily in early publicity material. The May/Jun 1959 Gibson Gazette proclaimed: New and first from Gibson... true stereophonic sound for the guitar... it goes on: Now - the surrounding sound of stereo comes to the guitar, and music becomes magic exciting, thrilling experience for player and listener alike.

Gibson ES-345 TDC
1980 Gibson ES-345TDSV

The following description is taken from the 1970 Gibson thinline catalogue

This versatile instrument offers six pre-set tonalities with Gibson Vari-Tone control and exciting stereophonic tone separation. Play the ES-345TD through a stereo amplifier, two-channel amplifier or two separate amplifiers. Special stereo wiring and "Y" cable provide tone separation.

FEATURES: Curly maple arched top and back, gold-plated metal parts. Slim, fast, low-action neck joins body at 20th fret. Laminated neck, adjustable truss rod. Rosewood fingerboard, pearl inlays. Adjustable Tune-O-Matic bridge for perfect intonation. Twin Humbucking pickups with separate tone and volume controls which can be pre-set. Three-position toggle switch. Stereo wiring and "Y" cable. Vari-Tone built-in tone selector. Six pre-set tonalities. 16" wide, 19" long, 1 ¾" thin; 24 ¾" scale, 22 frets.

ES-345TD - Sunburst finish
ES-345TDC - Cherry finish
ES-345TDW - Walnut finish

519 - Faultless plush case
304 - Archcraft plush case
ZC-19 - Zipper case for 519 case

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Bob Cullen Comment left 23rd January 2013 16:04:07
I just pulled out of storage for at least 20 years a Gibson ES-345TD serial #636872 and it is still in perfect tune! Any Takers

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