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Guild Starfire

Hollow bodied bass guitar

Guild Starfire bass description | Guild Starfire bass advertisements | 1968 Guild Starfire bass

1968 Guild Starfire bass I

Guild 1969 catalog1969 Guild catalogue
30 1/2" scale and long slender starfire neck. Double pickup model with master volume.

Guild 1970 catalog 1970 Guild catalogue
New, wider neck. Larger headpiece. SF-bass I an SF-bass II available with fretless fingerboard

Guild 1973 catalog 1971 Guild catalogue
2 new Guild anti-hum pickups, for tighter, harder sound.

Guild 1975 catalog 1975 Guild catalogue
Think of the Starfire bass as an altogether different bass and you'll fully appreciate the musical potential of its acoustic body in the hands of a creative player.

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The Guild Starfire was one of the most respected basses of the 1960s, and gained recognition by its high profile users of the mid sixties such as Jack Cassidy of Jefferson Airplane, and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.

The Starfire pickups of the 1960s (Hagstrom bisonic) were very highly regarded, and the Starfire bass stood up well against hollowbody rivals such as the Epiphone Rivoli, Gibson EB2 and Fender Coranado bass. The Hagstrom units were replaced with Guild humbuckers in 1970, and although good quality pickups, instruments fitted with these are not as desired by collectors or players today.

The earliest single pickup Starfire basses had the pickup in the bridge position, later moving (1966) to the neck position (see a 1968 Stafire Bass I, also left). The Starfire's bridge was also made by Hagstrom, and consisted of a metal baseplate with rosewood saddles. It remained a feature of the Starfire throughout it's production run, with only a slight shape change in 1968.

The main features of the Starfire bass are summarised in the table below.

ModelStarfire SF-IStarfire SF-II
PickupsHagstrom bisonic pickups, replaced by Guild humbuckers in 1970
Scale30 3/4"
Width at nut1 1/2"
BodyBound Maple (Sunburst and Flonde finishes) or Mahogany (all other finishes). Width 16 3/8", 1 7/8" thin, length 20 1/4" (1968) 18" (1975). Overall length 46 3/4"
NeckInitially one-piece (later three piece) Peruvian Mahogany, rosewood fingerboard
HardwareHagstrom bridge, Guild tuners, volume and tone control, hand restsHagstrom bridge, Guild tuners, 2 volume and 2 tone controls, master volume, pickup selector. Push-button bass boost, replaced by a tone switch in 1970
FinishesSunburst, Cherry, Emerald Green, Ebony Grain, Amber, Brown, Black, Walnut, Blonde, Natural Mahogany
OptionsFretlessFretless and or stereo circuitry

Some of the different variations of the Guild Starfire bass taken from catalogue images over the period 1966-1975.

Guild Starfire bass-II - cover of the 1969 catalogue Guild Starfire bass-I - taken from the 1965 Guild catalogue Guild Starfire bass-II - taken from the 1969 and 1971 Guild catalogues From left to right

i) The Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh on the cover of the 1969 Guild catalogue; Cherry red Starfire bass II

ii) 1965 Starfire I, with Hagstom bisonic pickup in the bridge position

iii) 1969 Starfire bass II in custom Emerald Green finish

iv) 1975 Starfire II in Cherry finish. Taken from the 1975 catalogue. Note the new Guild humbuckers and larger headstock

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wiz Comment left 24th June 2012 16:04:55
I'm looking for original circuit schematics for Jack Casady's modified starfire basses. Is anything like this online anywhere
John Yuknalis Comment left 24th October 2014 21:09:56
Thank you for preserving history. I need your help!!!!: My Guild Starfire II Bass ( 1969-72?) model was stolen from me when I lived in Buffalo NY and was a member of the band, Pharmacy Jones, later named Saint Hill -yes, after the SCIENTOLOGY Saint Hill. I know who stole it. Do you know the's lineage since then. Believe it was on eBay in mid 2005-2006. Starburst Color. What a guitar. The law is on my side. Or call 724 875 7235

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