1976 Gibson L-6S Custom, 1978 Guild B302F bass, 1967 Fender Coronado guitar
1976 Gibson L-6S Custom1978 Guild B-302F1967 Fender Coronado
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Guild Starfire

Hollow bodied electric guitar

Guild Starfire guitars; SF-III, SF-IV, SF-V, SF-VI, SF-XII and SF bass

Guild Starfire
 Starfire II
 Starfire III
 Starfire IV
 Starfire V
 Starfire VI
 Starfire XII
 Starfire Bass

  Guild Catalogues
  Starfire Vintage adverts

Guild Starfire models

The Guild Starfire came in several variations; seven guitars and two basses. First available in 1960, the Starfire has been in production in one form or another the majority of the next 50 years. The Starfire IV is perhaps the best known, and is held in high regard, especially amongst blues musicians. Follow the links to the left to find out more about each guitar. The image above comes from the 1969 Guild catalogue and shows the Starfire III to XII.

Guild Starfire - If you dont own at least one thin hollow-body electric, you should
Guild Starfire - If you dont own at least one thin hollow-body electric, you should
Black and white advert for the Guild Starfire SF-4 six string guitar
Guild Starfire - Guitars Amplifiers Strings
Guild Starfire - Guitars Amplifiers Strings
Features the Starfire V guitar, the Starfire bass II, Thunderstar bass amp, and the F-47 Bluegrass flat top
Have a look at more vintage Guild Starfire adverts

1971 Guild electric guitar and bass catalogue
The descriptions below come from the 1971 Guild catalogue

All Starfire Guitars: Now with 1 7/8 " thin body, 16 3/8 " wide, 20 1/4 " long, 24 3/4 " scale. Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard (ebony on SF-VI). New Humbucking Pick-Ups.
* Custom Colors: Asterisked colors are Custom Colors. For standard Starfire colors, refer to individual Starfire listings. Stereo Wiring: All Guild double pick-up guitars are available wired for stereo

  • Starfire SF-III
    Starfire. Single cutaway guitar with Guild Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece. Guild machines. Cherry-Red.
  • Starfire SF-IV
    Starfire Standard. Great action, with brilliant tone, impressive looks. One of Guild's most popular Slarfires. Guild machines. Sunburst or Cherry-Red
  • Starfire SF-V
    Starfire Deluxe. Prestige instrument to make you the man to call for the most demanding guitar parts. Grover Roto- Matic machines. Guild Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece. Master volume. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.
  • Starfire SF-VI
    Super Starfire. Finest in the Starfire series. Inlaid ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl position markers and Mexican abalone insets. Bound f-holes. Gold-plated Grover Roto-Matic machines. Gold-plated pick-ups and gold-plated Guild Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece. Master volume. Sunburst or Blonde.
  • Starfire SF-XII
    Starfire 12-String. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.
  • Starfire Bass
    Starfire Bass SF-Bass II. New fast neck. Larger headpiece. 2 New Guild Humbucking Pick-Ups for tighter, harder sound. 30.5" scale. Master volume, selector switch, new tone switch, fully adjustable tailpiece. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.
    SF-Bass I. Single Pick-Up. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.
    SF-Bass I and SF-Bass II available with fretless fingerboard.

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