Guild Starfire

Hollow bodied electric guitar

Guild Starfire guitars; SF-III, SF-IV, SF-V, SF-VI, SF-XII and SF bass

The Guild Starfire models

The Guild Starfire came in several variations: seven guitars and two basses. First available in 1960, the Starfire has been in production in one form or another the majority of the next 50 years. The Starfire IV is perhaps the best known, and is held in high regard, especially amongst blues musicians. Follow the links to the left to find out more about each guitar. The image above comes from the 1969 Guild catalogue and shows the Starfire III to XII.

The Starfire, as advertised in the 1963 Guild catalog

From the 1963 Guild catalog: A striking beauty in high-gloss Cherry Red, Emerald Green, Honey Amber, or Ebony Grain! The Starfire is equipped with unusual features of extra advantage to the rock 'n roll guitarist who seeks a combination of flashy appearance and unique tonal possibilities.

The models launched in 1960, were the Starfire I, II and III. These guitars all had a single cutaway body style, with a single Florentine cutaway, rather similar to the Gibson ES-125TC which also debuted in 1960. These guitars were followed in 1963, by the double Venetian cutaway (335-style) guitars, more associated with the Starfire name today. The first models were the single pickup Starfire I, the dual pickup Starfire II (both with harp-style tailpiece) and the Starfire II with two pickups and Bigsby tremolo.

The Starfire shipped throughout the 1960s, 70s and into the 1980s. Today, numerous Starfire reissues are available, proving more popular than ever.

The descriptions below come from the 1971 Guild catalogue

All Starfire Guitars: Now with 1 7/8" thin body, 16 3/8" wide, 20 1/4" long, 24 3/4" scale. Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard (ebony on SF-VI). New Humbucking Pick-Ups.
* Custom Colors: Asterisked colors are Custom Colors. For standard Starfire colors, refer to individual Starfire listings. Stereo Wiring: All Guild double pick-up guitars are available wired for stereo

1971 Guild electric guitar and bass catalogue

Starfire SF-III

Starfire. Single cutaway guitar with Guild Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece. Guild machines. Cherry-Red.

Starfire SF-IV

Starfire Standard. Great action, with brilliant tone, impressive looks. One of Guild's most popular Starfires. Guild machines. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.

Starfire SF-V

Starfire Deluxe. Prestige instrument to make you the man to call for the most demanding guitar parts. Grover Roto- Matic machines. Guild Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece. Master volume. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.

Starfire SF-VI

Super Starfire. Finest in the Starfire series. Inlaid ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl position markers and Mexican abalone insets. Bound f-holes. Gold-plated Grover Roto-Matic machines. Gold-plated pick-ups and gold-plated Guild Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece. Master volume. Sunburst or Blonde.

Starfire SF-XII

Starfire 12-String. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.

Starfire Bass

Starfire Bass SF-Bass II. New fast neck. Larger headpiece. 2 New Guild Humbucking Pick-Ups for tighter, harder sound. 30.5" scale. Master volume, selector switch, new tone switch, fully adjustable tailpiece. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.
SF-Bass I. Single Pick-Up. Sunburst or Cherry-Red.
SF-Bass I and SF-Bass II available with fretless fingerboard.

Vintage Guild Starfire Advertising

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1965 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Guild advertisements

Guild Starfire - Whatever Your Style of Playing You Will Ultimately Choose a Guild

Guild Starfire - Whatever Your Style of Playing You Will Ultimately Choose a Guild (1965)
UK advert for Guild guitars placed by British distributors Besson. Two guitars are shown, the Starfire V electric acoustic and a Guild acoustic flat top

Guild Starfire - Guild Quantum Bass Amplifier

Guild Starfire - Guild Quantum Bass Amplifier (1967)
Delivers that hard-driving, up-front, "Motown"-type sound - without going through the engineers control board
1967 add showing two members of the Blues Project; Steve Katz playing a Guild Starfi...

Guild Starfire - New Thunderstar Amplifier By Guild

Guild Starfire - New Thunderstar Amplifier By Guild (1969)
Late sixties advert for the new Guild Thunderstar amp. Also features a Guild Starfire V electric guitar.
Guild's recently developed high-projection speaker system gives you a bigger, cleaner sou...

Guild Starfire - Guitars Amplifiers Strings

Guild Starfire - Guitars Amplifiers Strings (1970)
Features the Starfire V guitar, the Starfire bass II, Thunderstar bass amp, and the F-47 Bluegrass flat top

Guild Starfire - Buddy Guy Blues Band

Guild Starfire - Buddy Guy Blues Band (1970)
1970 Guitar Player advert featuring Buddy Guy's band - Buddy uses a Starfire SF IV through a Thunderbird guitar amp. The bass player uses a Starefire SF bass through a Quantum X amplifier

Guild Starfire - Guild Electrics. Are you trying to make it without one

Guild Starfire - Guild Electrics. Are you trying to make it without one (1972)
Advert for the S-90, S-100 SF-V (starfire) and M75 Guild six strings

Guild Starfire - If you dont own at least one thin hollow-body electric, you should

Guild Starfire - If you dont own at least one thin hollow-body electric, you should (1974)
Black and white advert for the Guild Starfire SF-4 six string guitar

Guild Starfire - Guild Starfire 4. Freedom Unlimited

Guild Starfire - Guild Starfire 4. Freedom Unlimited (1979)
A great looking Starfire 4 in Sunburst finish.

The way to go for the body style that gives you greatest control over today's many musical forms and demanding techniques. Starfire's thin, dou...

Guild Starfire - Buddy Guy and Guild

Guild Starfire - Buddy Guy and Guild (1979)
ELECTRIC BLUES BY BUDDY GUY - a pro's pro because he's done it all. The Road. Clubs. Concerts. Sessions. Always swinging with a Guild. Buddy's Guild gives back all the charged-up energy he pours in...

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Guild Starfire for sale

1966 Guild Starfire XII Guitar



1966 Guild Starfire XII. 12 string electric guitar. Serial #DC-331. Made in Hoboken NJ. There are a few small blemishes and a small accessory hole (see pics). Good Condition, tested, sold 'As Is'.... more

GUILD STARFIRE V 1967 excellent condition Starfire 5 w / case vintage USA made



really clean 1967 Guild Starfire V with original case .gorgeous Guild sunburst with block inlay factory bigsby which makes it a 5, the VI / or 6 / had gold hardware etc incredibly well made guitar from the golden era of Guild .got those warm and sweet small buckers .factory Grovers headstock reads LN17xx .. and the factory master volume on the treble bout ive owned this guitar for 20 years or more, used it in the studio-and I have to say this guitar has never been out of tune---really its ... more

Vintage 1966 Guild Starfire III Hollowbody Electric Guitar w / Original Case


C $2922

Vintage 1966 Guild Starfire III Hollowbody Electric Guitar. A fantastic example suitable for the player and collector alike. The neck on this one is on the fat side for a Guild and it feels fantastic in your hands. Plays great all the way up and down with a smooth, tight feel. Original pickups sound amazing. They have the fatness of a Gibson humbucker only with a little more clarity in the top end, and trebles that sparkle more than they bite. Really fantastic warm, round tone overall. Excellent... more

Guild Starfire IV Natural 1973



Add us to your Favorite Sellers! ♥ Questions? We can help! Contact us today! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Item Description Here's a classic electric out of the 1970s! This is a vintage 1973 Guild Starfire IV with a natural finish over the maple body. The guitar has a bound rosewood fretboard, two Guild humbuckers with individual volume and tone controls, and a Guild tailpiece with an adjustable saddle bridge. Schaller strap buttons were installed in place of the original buttons. The guitar has... more

1975 GUILD STARFIRE 4 in walnut finish



1975 Guild Starfire 4 in Walnut finish sz#114052 The guitar is in good condition, but appear to have been overspray with clear coat at some point The guitar appears to be other wise original with original case The sz# on the label doesn't match the sz# on the headstock and appears to been written over at some point... more

Guild Starfire V 1967 Sunburst



This 1967 Guild Starfire V serial number EN1089 is in very good condition. The frets are also in very good condition and this is a great playing guitar. The headstock has had a pro repair and there has been a repair at the tailpiece as well (cosmetically not as professional). The repairs were done before we got the guitar and are structurally sound. There are many nicks and chips about the body and volumes of "patina" are present. The Starfire V is a double cutaway semi-hollow instrument ... more




I am very tempted to call this is mint. I took it to Honest Ron’s guitars to have it checked over. The guitar checked out and all electronics worked fine. The action is low and ready to play. It is beautiful. There is very minor finish checking that you have to hold the guitar in the light at the right position to see. That is it, no dings, no scratches, no cracks, and no binding issues. It is a beautiful 45 year old guitar. Comes with the original hard shell case. https: / / youtu be / ... more

1976 Guild Starfire IV SF4 Vintage Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Cherry w / ohc



Up for sale, a 1976 Guild Starfire IV in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. An impressively well-kept Starfire, this Guild features the original HB-1 humbuckers that delivery a sweet, airy tone with excellent definition and warmth. The semi-hollow maple body gives the guitar a distinct note attack and articulation, and not to be confused with Guild's most recent Starfire iterations, this is a genuine vintage USA-made Guild, produced at the famed Westerly, RI ... more

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