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Guild B-301

Solid body bass guitar

Guild B302F bass B-301
body: mahogany
neck: set 3-piece mahogany, with 20 fret rosewood fingerboard
scale: 34"
overall length: 46 1/4"
width at nut: 1 5/8"
electronics/pickups: one Guild single coil bass pickups, volume and tone control
hardware: BT-4 bridge
finishes: Sunburst, Cherry, Black, Walnut, Natural, White
manufactured: 1978-81
body: ash
neck: set 3-piece maple, with 20 fret rosewood fingerboard
scale: 34"
overall length: 46 1/4"
width at nut: 1 5/8"
electronics/pickups: one Guild single coil bass pickups, volume and tone control
hardware: BT-4 bridge
finishes: Sunburst, Blonde

The B-series Guild bass guitars were the follow on/replacement for the JS-1 and JS-2 basses which Guild had been producing since 1970. The Guild B-series (the only basses Guild were making at the time) had a number of changes, both stylistically (moving away from the derivative instruments of the previous 5 years), and with respect to hardware and fittings.

Guitars could be made more cheaply if the pickups and controls were mounted onto the scratchplate; the body could be routed on one side only, and assembly and testing performed more easily. Many manufacturers started making guitars this way, especially cheaper models, and Guild was no exception. Gone were the body mounted humbuckers and pots of the JS-series

The Guild B-301, and its two-pickup sibling, the B-302 bass, were companion models to the S-300 guitar (and S-60, S-70). The B-301 first appeared on Guild price lists in late 1976 (mahogany version), the B-301A was first listed towards the end of 1977.

1978 Guild electrics catalogue

The 1978 Guild electrics catalogue dedicates one internal page and the back cover to the B-301 and B-302

The B-301 was the first in Guild's new generation of solid body guitars and basses - so sucessful, we followed it with our double pick-up B-302.
Both have the long 34" (86.4cm) scale, wide frets and curved fingerboard that rock bassists are using. Plus a new bass pick-up. And a new solid brass bridge/tailpiece that gives you perfect intonation.

The older JS basses had been using humbuckers, and the old Hagstrom bridges. The new pickups were single coil units in black covers with two pole pieces per string

By the early eighties the range was replaced by less adventurous SB-200 series and the exageratd X-700 series

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Guild B-301 - Here Now! Guild B-301Guild B-301 - Here Now! Guild B-301
Early advert for Guilds redesigned solid bodies ofthe mid/late Seventies
Its the first in a whole new generation of solid bodies by Guild
Guild B-301 - New Generation of Solid Bodies By GuildGuild B-301 - New Generation of Solid Bodies By Guild
United Kingdom Guild advertisement for two new solid body models, the S-300 guitar and single pickup B-301 bass.
Guild B-301 - Let out your bass instinctsGuild B-301 - Let out your bass instincts
String advert for Guild roundwound, flatwound and groundwound strings. Features John McVie of Fleetwood Mac with a Guild B-301A bass

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ðîäñòâåííèê Comment left 14th January 2014 09:09:07
It says that the Guild B appeared in 1976. But in the Soviet Union was the bass guitar Rodin, and he did v1970 year. I wanted to ask, who knows more bass this hull shape? Is there a common ancestor Rodin and the Guild?
Brian Smallwood Comment left 23rd March 2014 12:12:41
Hello I have a Guild 301 with an EMG pickup and a BadAss bridge on it. In Beautiful shape, I was wondering what it is worth. Could You give me some info on it. Thanks Brian
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 25th March 2014 23:11:26
In good condition the one-pickup B301 basses typically sell for £400-£600 (UK) / $400-$600(US), depending on the usual criteria. The value of your bass will be less, but how much depends on the extent of the modifications. Was the pickguard changed or cut? Was the body routed to accommodate the new pickup? In any case, these are great playing basses, and in any functional condition, will have some value, most likely £300-£400

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