Hagstrom Viking

Vintage semi acoustic six string guitar

Images taken from the 1966 and 1975 Hagstrom cataloguesHagstrom Viking V-1Hagstrom Viking V-2Hagstrom Viking V-1N
ModelHagstrom Viking V-1Hagstrom Viking V-2
Hagstrom Viking V-1N
(HG802 / Scandia)
PickupsTwo single coilTwo single coilTwo humbuckers
Scale24 3/4"
BodyBound body. Dimensions: 18 1/2\" X 16 1/4\" X 1 3/4\"Bound body and f-holes. Flamed maple and spruceBound birch
NeckRosewood fingerboard, dot inlays. Fender-style headstockEbony fingerboard, block inlays. Bound neck and Fender-style headstock.Birch neck with rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays. Bound, new-shape headstock with plain inlay
HardwareTwo volume and tone controls, pickup selector switch, chrome plated hardwareTwo volume and tone controls, pickup selector switch, gold plated hardwareTwo volume and tone controls, pickup selector switch, 3-way tone switch, chrome plated hardware. Van Ghent tuners.
OptionsHagstrom Bigsby vibrato (model VB-1)Hagstrom Bigsby vibrato (model VB-2) 
FinishesMahogany sunburst, Golden mahogany sunburst, cherry redNatural, sunburst, cherry

Hagstrom Viking from the 1965/66 Selmer catalogueHagstrom Viking from the 1965/66 Selmer catalogue

The Hagstrom Viking in the 1965/66 Selmer catalogue as follows:

A new guitar from this brilliant Swedish manufacturer - designed to meet the increasing demand for the electro-acoustic sound. Two powerful, high-gain pick-ups eliminate all unwanted sounds and give exceptionally wide tonal range. Slim, fast, low action neck; head in the modern, accepted style, fitted with high-accuracy chromium plated machine heads. Bridge adjustable for height and position to permit fine tuning of individual strings. The overall high standard of finish and performance make this guitar comparable with the finest models available today. A new guitar destined to become a firm favourite.

As the name implies, the Hagstrom Viking was of Nordic (Swedish) origin, and was making it's presence strongly felt, 'invading' the UK and other parts of Europe from 1965. Initially this name does not seem to have been used in the US, where the word Viking presumably had less resonance, and it was simply designated the V-1.

It was a thinline semi-acoustic guitar, with two pickups; an instrument very much in the style of the Gibson ES335 or Guild Starfire, however structurally quite different. With its bolt-on neck, hollow body (no central block) and Fender style headstock it is actually more akin to other guitars such as the Fender Coronado or Harmony H72, both of which were launched around the same time, 1965/66.

1967 Hagstrom Viking. Image Heritage auctions

Hagstrom Viking companion models

It had a companion 12-string version, produced in a single batch in 1967, and also a bass model, the Viking bass (or Concord in the US) produced between 1965 and 1971.

Elvis Presley at his 1968 Comeback Special, with Hagstrom Viking II

The late sixties saw the introduction of a short-lived deluxe model, the Viking 2 - famously played by Elvis Presley during his '68 come back performance. Functionally identical, however with finer trim; gold plated hardware, bound neck, body headstock and f-holes, ebony fingerboard with block inlays.

Shortly after the discontinuation of the V-2, the V-1 model was redesigned to have humbucker pickups, three way tone switch, and a new Hagstrom headstock. This was designated V-1N, or during Ampeg's tenure as US distributor, the Scandia or HG802.

Finally from 1978 the model reverted to its original name - simply the Viking, however it kept its humbucking pickups, but now gaining a Fleur de Lys headstock inlay, and the central maple block of the Gibson ES guitars.

Shipping data for the Hagstrom Viking is roughly as follows:

ModelProduction YearsNumber Produced
Hagstrom Viking1965-19729241
Hagstrom Viking 12 string1967651
Hagstrom Viking II1967-19681000
Hagstrom Viking I N1972-19751845
Hagstrom Viking 1978-1979410

Hagstrom Viking catalogue appearances

Hagstrom guitars were available from several different distributors worldwide, including Merson, Unicord, Arc and Ampeg in the US and Canada, and Selmer in the UK and commonwealth. Have a look at the Hagstrom Viking in some of the catalogues below.

Hagstrom Viking for sale

Vintage1965 Hagstrom Viking Electric Guitar- dark sunburst, new Hagstrom case



1965 Hagstrom viking- SN# 680067 (batch 680 was made in 65 / 66, 1000 guitars total, this is the 67th one made, Hagstrom in Sweden verified it). dark tobacco sunburst, all-original plays and sounds great, tremendous action wear on the back of the neck around the third fret from standard playing, strictly cosmetic a sliver of wood missing around the neck pickup, you have to look for it, may have been a surface crack. i had it checked out by my luthier, who could not figure it out, since the ... more

1972 Hagstrom Viking Hollow Body Electric guitar



1972 Hagstrom Viking Hollow Body Electric guitar. In excellent shape for a almost 50 year old guitar. A few small touch ups. Plays nice.... more

1960s Vintage HAGSTROM Viking with I or II Neck & 'Fender' Headstock Univox Pups



1960s Vintage HAGSTROM Viking with I or II Neck & 'Fender' Headstock Univox Pups Item: Vintage Hagstrom Viking with Vintage Hagstrom Neck and Vintage Univox Pickups. Condition: Very Good. Some body wear. Viking neck was replaced with vintage Hagstrom I or II neck (not by me). Pickups were changed to Univox 'staple' pickups (not by me). Volume knobs work and the neck pickup's tone control - bridge pickup tone might not work (you won't need it to!). ** Great vintage Hagstrom with fast neck and ... more

1960s Hagstrom Swede / Viking chrome toggle switch



Hagstrom 1960s chrome toggle switch will fit Swede Or Viking Mint Please feel free to ask any ? Thanks... more

VINTAGE HAGSTROM VIKING II Semi-Hollow Body Electric Bass Guitar 1960's



VINTAGE HAGSTROM VIKING II Semi-Hollow Body Electric Bass Guitar 1960's An excellent Vintage Hagstrom Semi-Hollow Bass Electric Guitar!!! I think it's a Viking II model. It has a beautiful Vintage Sunburst finish, a 21 fret fully bound Rosewood fretboard with beautiful Pearl block inlays, Bound F-Holes, Gold hardware, black pickguard, and a Gold Hagstrom trapeze bridge. It has 2 original pickups that sound great! It is 30 5 scale, the neck width at the nut is 1 & 7 / 16 " , and it weighs 7 ... more

Vintage HAGSTROM VIKING I Project Guitar Natural Dbl Humbucker, Orig Swedish



You are bidding on a Vintage Swedish made Hagstrom Viking 1N. NOT A NEWER RE-ISSUE. THESE ARE GETTING RARER AND RARER. The guitar is a project and has been altered in the following ways (that I could discern) The original bolt on neck has been glued on. The truss rod adjustment is accessible and appears to be in good working cond The profile of the neck has been sanded to a narrower profile with no binding. The pickups and switches appear to be the original hardware with the green wrapped ... more

Vintage Hagstrom Viking I Sunburst Left Handed



Vintage Hagstrom Viking I Sunburst Left Handed Vintage Hagstrom Viking I Sunburst Left Handed The Hagström Viking was the first semi-acoustic guitar built by the Hagström company. It was launched in 1965 alongside Hagström's new 12-string guitar and two bass guitars. Two years later there was a twelve-string model launched simple called the Viking 12 and the Viking II Deluxe which featured gold plated machine heads and adjustable bridges. In 1967 Hagström player Frank Zappa's "Nifty, Tough ... more

1960s Hagstrom Bass hollow body project with case Concord Viking



PAYPAL ONLYI'LL ONLY SHIP IN THE CONTINENTAL USAUSPS GROUND INCLUDES INSURANCE Here's a vintage Hagstrom hollow body bass project. Their Concord basses were made from Viking guitar bodies, which is what this has. All the wood is solid, some finish checks and that's about it The tobacco burst body, neck plate, and 3-way switch are from a 1967 Viking. The stock bridge pickup cutout is enlarged. The neck is from a 1963 Hagstrom bass and has the "globular headstock, " H-Expander truss rod, and was ... more

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