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Guild S-300

Solid body electric guitar

1978 Guild S-300A and Guild S-300D guitars
The two variants to the Guild S-300, the S-300A (with an ash body / maple neck) S-300D (Dimarzio super distortion humbuckers).
1978 Guild electric guitar catalogue

The Guild S-300 was launched in 1977, effectively a replacement to the SG-style S-100 solid body guitars. Guild had not tried any particularly original solid body designs for several years, so the S-300, (along with its companion S-60 and S-70 guitars, and B-301 and B-302 basses) was a welcome change for the guitar buying public. Functionally the guitars were well-equipped, with dual humbucking pickups, three-way (neck/bridge/both) pickup selector switch, volume and tone control for each pickup, and a phase switch for "reversing pickup polarity".

The 1978 Guild guitar catalogue (right) featured a pair of white S-300 guitars on its front cover.

Guild S-300 variants

The S-300 was available in a number of different forms. Different wood and pickup combinations, for a much wider range of tones.

Guild S-300 mahogany body and neck, two Guild humbucker pickups
Guild S-300D mahogany body and neck, DiMarzio PAF and Super Distortion humbuckers
Guild S-300A ash body and maple neck, two Guild humbucker pickups
Guild S-300AD ash body and maple neck, DiMarzio PAF and Super Distortion humbuckers

All models have a 24 fret curved ebony fingerboard, with dot markers (24¾ inch scale), and traditional Guild Chesterfield headstock inlay.

The ash models were available in blonde (natural) and sunburst finishes. The mahogany models were also available in natural (though obviously much darker than ash) aswell as sunburst, cherry, black, walnut and white.

The S-300 remained in production until 1989, when it was discontinued. The Ash and Dimarzio pickup options were stopped earler still in 1982.

Vintage Guild S-300 Advertising

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1977 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Guild advertisements

Guild S-300 - New Generation of Solid Bodies By Guild

Guild S-300 - New Generation of Solid Bodies By Guild (1977)
United Kingdom Guild advertisement for two new solid body models, the S-300 guitar and single pickup B-301 bass.

Guild S-300 - Youve made it the most popular solid body guitar weve ever built

Guild S-300 - Youve made it the most popular solid body guitar weve ever built (1978)
The Guild S-300 came in a number of variations, the model pictured is an S-300D, signifying the standard mahogany body and neck with (D) DiMarzio PAF and Super Distortion humbuckers. Non-D versions...

Guild S-300 - The Guild Rush

Guild S-300 - The Guild Rush (1980)
The Guild S-300 came in a number of variations, the model pictured is an S300-AD, signifying (A) ash body and maple neck, and (D) DiMarzio PAF and Super Distortion humbuckers.

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Slim White Comment left 10th August 2017 17:05:49 reply
Bought a S300-AD back in '91 for 275.00. Great guitar, played beautifully, although I never cottoned to the body shape. Really well built, though. Back around 2003 I sold it on Ebay for about 650.00 to finance a new Tele. Never looked back.
David P Makowski Comment left 19th July 2017 21:09:42 reply
I played with a friend in high school who owned a Guild S-60 which had (2) single coils. One time in 1986 I found a "NOS" Guild S-300D at Zavarella's Music near Crystal City Underground in D.C.. It had the new Black Tolex Case with the Chrome Guild Badge. The interior was plush blue and the guitar was White with DiMarzio "Super Distortion" & "PAF". It was dead MINT. They were asking $350.00. I just didn't have the money and I tried to trade my Gibson Explorer but at that time you couldn't give Explorers away. It would have been that "one in a million" electric guitar. I still think about that guitar every know and then. Man, if I only had the $350.00 I'm sure I would still have it. Oh well, live and learn.
Eytan Comment left 14th April 2015 05:05:11 reply
Anyone selling an S-300 or S-300D here?
peter Comment left 14th October 2014 17:05:39 reply
I bought my s300d (black) in uk in '78/79. #180345. It falls in the serial number range 169068-195067; builds from '78 onwards. They're very difficult to date accurately as far as I've been able to find out but I would agree with Steve about build date of yours; the color will also give you an idea as Guild changed the finish in years that are fairly easy to establish. My problem is that I'm in the process of selling my collection and getting a realistic value of the s300d. It's totally original although needs a pro clean - and of course it's rare. I've only just discovered this site so if anyone can help with the value of mine I'd be grateful.
peter lee Comment left 14th October 2014 17:05:22 reply
I own an s300d, black, completely original spec' bought new in uk in '78. Serial number build date is '78. It is a players guitar hence the usual blemishes but no dents, scratches, rashes or buckle marks. Everything is original and it plays perfectly. No fingerboard indentations, frets are perfect; the body needs a pro clean but still looks great. I know there are s300d fanatics out there.... I'm one of them. I've owned some of the usual guitars with, quite rightly in some cases great reputations, but for me this is the wildest, yet smoothest and most versatile guitar I've been lucky enough to have. I'm going to sell it along with my other guitars. I believe it's worth at least $1,200... has anyone out there even found one for sale? I'd appreciate your comments
steve Comment left 29th January 2013 20:08:27 reply
I just acquired a guild s300 a-d with a serial # very close to yours. I paid $900 for it which was a little pricey but worth it to me. Mine is a 1977,yours would be the same. Someone had switched the Dimarzios for Seymour Duncan Sh6 n/b which are not my cup of tea. I will replace them with the Dimarzio Paf and Super distortion.
Joe Dulude Comment left 19th October 2012 18:06:02 reply
I have a Guild S-300-D Electric with a serial # 166427 ....I can't find what year it is 1st AND it's ball park value these days ......They were hazy days in the days that i bought it new !!! that's right ...i know, i know but, i don't know what year it was ...early 80's mid 80's ?? idk but I am curious.... what a dumb kid i was cuz i had the Super distortion pick up (bridge Position) changed out to a Bill Laurence dual "Bar" style ...and didn't think of getting it back so i could have the original but i would never sell it anyway ....I hope someone can help me .... Thanks Joe

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