Gibson Melody Maker, Harmony H22 bass, Vox Ultrasonic
1969 Gibson Melody Maker guitarHarmony H22 bassVox Ultrasonic guitar, with built-in effects
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Guild Guitar, Bass, and Amp List

Instruments manufactured by the Guild Guitar Company

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1978 Guild B302F fretless bass
1978 Guild B302F fretless The B302F is the fretless version of the Guild B302, which, along with the B301 were Guilds new bass offerings for the late 1970s. Guild hadn't really came up with a innovative bass design since the low-selling Jetstar of the mid-1960s. This is not to say they didn't make fantastic basses; far from it, but the Starfire, JS and Bluesbird (M-85) basses of the late 1960s - mid 1970s could all be said to be derivatives of designs by Gibson (the EB2, EB0/3 and Les Paul bass respectively). So the B301/302 series was something new, not just in looks; it had a new design bridge and pickups too, although the actual construction (mahogany body, set mahogany neck) was traditional Guild. This bass paved the way for many new bass designs into the 1980s, some very unusual indeed. Have a listen to this bass here.
1967 Guild Capri CE-100
1967 Guild Capri CE-100 A closer look at a 1967 Guild CE-100. The Capri was a full-depth archtop, and Guild's first guitar with a Florentine cutaway - and a very sucessful model too; staying in the Guild catalogue in one form or another from 1958 until 1984. Stylistic similarities between models such as the ES-125C and ES-175 can be made, but this guitar is every bit as good quality as the better known Gibsons.
1968 Guild Starfire Bass I
1968 Guild Starfire Bass IImages and description of a single-pickup 1968 Guild Starfire bass. The Starfire was a very fine bass, and a serious competitor to the Gibson EB2, finding favour with bass players from Phil Lesh and Jack Cassidy to modern-day players such as Justin Meldel-Johnsen.
1953 Guild X-175
1953 Guild X-175New picture set of a 1953 Guild X-175 electric acoustic guitar. 1953 was the very first year of Guild production, and in fact this was one of the first 500 instruments produced. It has a number of early features: Franz single coil pickups with black covers, very early inlays, just one volume and tone control and mahogany/maple/mahogany neck. More about the Guild X-175
1971 Guild Guitar Catalogue
Fold-out ten sided Guild catalogue. Updates the 1970 Guild catalogue. featuring an expanded range of S series solid bodies, with the addition of the S-50 and S-90. Models are shown with new 70s styling and Guild humbuckers.

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GUILD D-40 1977 Used w/Hard Case

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Vintage 1960s ESS & ESS Brooklyn USA Acoustic Guitar Case Gretsch Guild Gibson

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Guild 1960 Starfire SF-1 Free shipping From JAPAN

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Vintage Early 1970s Guild Mark II Acoustic Guitar w/Case - Used

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1968 Vintage Guild F212 12 String Acoustic Fatboy Guitar Original Case 33146

Current price: $1784.50
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Time left: 29d 3h 26m
1976 left hand Guild acoustic model D40

Current price: $500.00
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Time left: 28d 18h 39m
1969 GUILD THUNDERSTAR Guitar amp Excellent Cond. HEAR it on the POSTED VIDEO

Current price: $675.00
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Time left: 6d 33m
GUILD F-20ST Sunburst Acoustic Guitar 1967 USED w/ Hardcase FREE SHIPPING

Current price: $2314.00
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Time left: 28d 21h 8m
1967 Guild Starfire VI Vintage Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar Cherry Red w/OHSC

Current price: $3995.00
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Time left: 5d 12h 25m
1966 Guild CE-100 Vintage Archtop Hollow Electric Guitar Sunburst OHSC

Current price: $1995.00
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Time left: 5d 9h 33m
Madiera by guild bass , 1972 body neck,case

Current price: $175.00
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Time left: 8d 8h 50m
Awesome 1970's Guild LP M-85 II Mojo Monster Bass with HCS Baby!

Current price: $3100.00

Time left: 8d 7h 11m
GUILD 1966 Starfire IV

Current price: $3270.00
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Time left: 5d 2h 50m
1968 GUILD Bluesbird M85-I "Ultra Rare"

Current price: $1975.00
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Time left: 4d 17h 44m
Vintage 1964 Guild S-100 Polara Electric Guitar - Cherry Red

Current price: $1300.00
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Time left: 2d 12h 47m
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UK ebay listings

1970's Madeira (Guild) 'Strat Style' Guitar Rare

Current price: £100.00
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Time left: 2d 4h 31m
Guild F-50 jumbo acoustic 1968

Current price: £2500.00
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Time left: 3d 6h 22m
Guild F-50 jumbo acoustic 1966 with Fishman pickup

Current price: £2500.00
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Time left: 3d 6h 23m
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vickie Comment left 6th March 2012 14:02:16
I have a guild electric guitar. I called Guild in their New York location (many years ago) and gave them the description and they told me that there was only 50 made of this guitar in the United States. Do you have any information on this to validate this to be true? It is beautiful red with rosewood and has toggle bar, etc. They said it was custom made. It also has autographs from 2 very famous artist. I would like to have that authencated.
paul Comment left 17th December 2012 17:05:09
i have a 1964 guild starfire it has duel pickups and tremolo bar and has a solid body there is a built in stand in the back of the guitar serial#36631 i search the net and cannot find this version the only guitar i found is the guild fire jet it has the same body style but only has single pickup and on the guitar it's marked starfire.I would like to know if anybody seen this model.
Lee Carver Comment left 9th June 2014 09:09:50
I have a early 50"s GUILD (Silvertone) electric guitar. Seems to be in really great condition for it's age. Wondering what something like this is worth? I have pictures I can send. Lee
Jerry Comment left 25th November 2014 06:06:35
Have you ever seen a Guild A 300 deluxe #2219? 1955? I have one in my shop need to ask someone about neck? Jerry
ben baird Comment left 10th April 2016 19:07:32
nikki sixx and mick mars endorsd guild right around the shoutmtour. can youmtell me model' ij specific Mick. I knmowm they were also playing the low end B C Rich's. Sp I sjspect thr endorsemenmt must've run from too fast for love tomthe early shoutmdays

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